I created The Write Fit with one purpose:

to inspire girls to love themselves.

While this is a simple concept, it is not so easy to do.

Girls are constantly receiving messages that they are not

good enough – physically or emotionally. Add to that, the

enormous pressure of managing so many different types of relationships – friends,

family, social media, boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers, coaches – and they’ve got stress and anxiety that needs a healthy outlet. 

     The Write Fit focuses on strengthening the most important relationship a girl has – the one she has with herself. From that solid foundation, all other relationships will follow. Like when you’re on an airplane and you put your own oxygen mask on first so you’re able to help others. When you love yourself, you can love others. Have compassion for yourself and you will have compassion for others. Think positively about yourself and you will see the positive in everything around you.

     The Write Fit is a safe haven where girls can let it all hang out. What goes on in a class, stays there. There is no judgment, no competition, no right or wrong answers. There is simply expression of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional and creative.

A little about Naomi Panzer:

MFA Creative Writing for Children, RYT-200 hour training from Bhakti Barn Yoga, kids' yoga certification from Karma Kids Yoga NYC, Girl Meets World curriculum training with Rachel Simmons from Girls Leadership, Kind Ambassador for the Kind Campaign, former Girls on the Run coach. I’m a yoga enthusiast, triathlete, lover of the outdoors and the smell of my dog’s paws when she sleeps (they kinda smell like Fritos). I used to be a kids’ marketing smartypants. Now I’m a mom of two kids and one four-legged girl who does a perfect downward dog.


Empowering girls through fitness and journaling.

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